The Plantings

All plant materials are hand-selected and purchased only from reputable established nurseries. Rebecca is personally involved in the purchase and placement of all plant materials. She has extensive knowledge of appropriate plants for this area, and where they will grow best. Four-season interest is guaranteed. Specialty gardens are a joy for her to create.

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The Hardscape

All hardgoods, be it concrete pavers, flagstone, native limestone or timbers, are purchased from reputable dealers or quarries. Our experienced crew ensures that proper construction techniques will be employed. We don’t cut corners. We make every attempt to do things right the first time, so a few years down the road, you’re not paying someone else to do it over.

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The Sacred Garden

A garden is ‘sacred’ when the intention of its owner and designer is to create a space where one can sit in reflection and repose and feel protected from the stresses and busyness of their everyday world. It’s a sanctuary, a place where communication with the elements is immediate and the beauty of Nature soothes the weary soul and calms the searching heart.

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