Rebecca will visit your home and spend extensive time listening to your needs as homeowner, reviewing existing landscape features, and analyzing the design specifics of your home. She’ll help you see what’s possible and what elements may be essential to address certain issues. If there’s a specific type or style of construction or garden you know you want, this is the time to share.


Rebecca will then take this information and sit down with pictures and measurements and draw a draft of your custom plan to scale. This stage of the design will show an overhead of the basic plan, your home on the property including all construction elements and plantings. If this design meets with your approval, she’ll then prepare a rough estimate of costs for installation, and use this design as her working draft.


Due to the labor-intensive nature of the work, estimates for costs are given as guidelines of what we hope to achieve, working within the homeowner’s desired budget. The reality is that the work almost always takes longer than expected, and for this reason we work on a time and materials basis. All hours are recorded and all materials itemized on your final invoice.


Once the installation begins, we will be on-site, weather permitting, until it is completed. We strive to do our work as efficiently and with as little impact to your surroundings as possible. Depending on the extent of the construction, this may or may not involve the use of machines, and large trucks delivering materials.


Keys to a Stress-free Installation - Clear communication. Minimal surprises. Some creative freedom. Support for the process.


All work is guaranteed 100% for a full year from completion. We are not liable for damage to plants or construction due to extreme weather, animals, or human impact. You’ll be given instructions on the proper maintenance and watering of your new landscape. If you need assistance with this while your landscape is establishing, please ask.


We ask for 50% of the rough estimate at the beginning of the project, with payment in full at the completion. In the case of longer installations, we may need to ask for one or two installments. Payment plans are possible for cost overruns.


Weeding and watering are opportunities to learn more about your landscape, and develop relationship with it. The more time you spend in close contact with these plants, keeping your gardens clean and healthy, the more beauty and satisfaction you’ll experience while relaxing on your new circular paver patio!


Think about the lasting gift to yourself and generations to come of a carefully designed landscape filled with mature shade trees, evergreens and flowering shrubs. You’ll be surrounded by an always changing environment rich with opportunities for deepening your appreciation of the seasonal beauty of Nature. Any professional, creative design and experienced installation asks for a significant and appropriate investment. This is extremely hard work that few homeowners feel inclined or have the expertise to tackle themselves. The benefits are increased value to your home, a decrease in heating and cooling costs, and delightful outdoor spaces for play and relaxation.


We love what we do. Beauty Happens. We are all nourished by the results. We look forward to hearing from you.




Rebecca Wainscott - Owner

"I've been blessed to be able to do my art as my work. To use plants and rocks as my medium, to take Nature in all her forms and textures and colors and make a garden happen, knowing I've had a hand in creating an opportunity for people to enter into a more direct relationship with the natural world... this is a profound gift and an honor to share with others. Whenever beauty is created, we are all nourished."