"Reflection and Repose."

A garden is ‘sacred’ when the intention of its owner and designer is to create a space where one can sit in reflection and repose and feel protected from the stresses and busyness of their everyday world. It’s a sanctuary, a place where communication with the elements is immediate and the beauty of Nature soothes the weary soul and calms the searching heart.

The gardens at Round River Institute were definitely a co-creation between myself and Mark Taylor. Mark knew that he wanted primarily native plantings that would offer color and interest all through the growing season. I included a few evergreens for continuity throughout the year. I loved incorporating the special rocks and oriental elements he had on hand. They reflect the Buddhist theme of Round River. Limestone rock edging was the obvious choice for containing the gardens.

Round River sits on a valley hillside within 40' of a dense woods. Bird-feeding and watching are a very significant part of this garden, so I created a space around the feeders surfaced with crushed rock to help with maintenance. The feeders are still able to be a part of the garden without the seeding issue.

This client and garden represent a focus for my work I hope to attract. As someone who values highly the experience of retreat and reflection within Nature, creating sacred gardens for meditation and reflection, whether for retreat centers, B&B's, or any kind of care facility, is a strong desire I'd love to fulfill.

"A Living Seasonal Tapestry."


"Rebecca Wainscott and her hardworking Sacred Ground crew transformed the backyard and entry pathway to the Round River Institute into a colorful display of hearty perennial native plantings that visitors enjoy from spring to late autumn. Rebecca listened carefully to what I wanted and then created it in plant and stone. Throughout the process I found her guidance to be spot on and the end result the living seasonal tapestry I had hoped for."

-Mark L. Taylor, Owner The Round River Institiute

"Colorful display of hearty perennial native plantings"


"Rebecca's guidance was spot on"